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Special General Meeting Nov 25, 2021

ISVA Special General Meeting

From the Secretary:
     Paula Menzies
     690 Colquhoun St, Fergus Ontario CANADA N1M 1S3

NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that an SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the above Association will be held virtually as part of the 10th ISVC Interim Virtual Meeting to be held on November 25th, 2021  at 20:00 coordinated universal time  (UTC).  Please note, that the next ISVA General Meeting be held at the 10th ISVC at Seville Spain, March 2023. 

An invitation link to the virtual meeting platform will be sent to Member Countries prior to the meeting.  Individual non-voting members who wish to view the meeting may request an invitation by emailing the secretary  at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. For those countries eligible to vote, a link to the voting platform with be emailed to the Country representative on the day of or day prior to the meeting. 

Any relevant business for inclusion on the Agenda for the meeting must be lodged with the Secretary no later than 25th August, 2021

Any proposed changes to the Constitution of ISVA must reach the Executive Committee at least 3 months (25th August, 2021) before the Special General Meeting and be supported in writing by at least 5 members of ISVA.

Secretary:  Paula Menzies                           Date: March 29, 2021

Examples of time of meeting in different time zones

UTC Example Locations

Local time (24 hr clock)

-8 California, western Mexico 12:00
-7 Alberta, Colorado, central Mexico 13:00
-6 Manitoba, Texas, eastern Mexico 14:00
-5 Ontario, eastern USA, Columbia 15:00
-4 Nova Scotia, Venezuela 16:00
-4 DST Chile 17:00
-3 Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay 17:00
0 UK, Portugal, Canary Is, Cote d'Ivoire 20:00
+1 Western and central Europe, Norway, Algeria, Nigeria 21:00
+2 Finland, Ukraine, Greece, Israel, South Africa 22:00
+3 Western Russia, Turkey, Kenya (Iran = UTC +3.5) 23:00
+5 Pakistan 1:00 (26th)
+5.5 India (Nepal = +5.75) 1:30 (26th)
+7 Viet Nam, Indonesia 3:00 (26th)
+8 China, Phillipines, western Australia 4:00 (26th)
+9 Japan, Korea 5:00 (26th)
+10 Queensland (Australia) 6:00 (26th)
+10 DST New South Wales (Australia) 7:00 (26th)
+12 DST New Zealand 9:00 (26th)