The focus of the ISVA is to further the international interests and promotion of sheep health.  It does this through its membership; country appointed members represent the national veterinary body, specialist veterinary association, or society.  There is no charge for membership. The types of membership are:

Country (National) Membership

Membership is open to national veterinary associations of countries recognised by the United Nations, provided that such associations are private organisations funded mainly by the private subscriptions of its members. Individual members are represented by their association. National members are encouraged to form special sheep (veterinary) interest groups within the national association.  

National membership allows the country to vote on issues related to ISVA matters, including selecting the host country / organization for upcoming ISVCs.  The country will delegate an individual to represent that country's interest in ISVA matters and will have the responsibility of voting when required.

Individual Membership

Where no national (veterinary) association exists, or in special circumstances as decided by the current Executive Committee of the ISVA, individuals may join as private members but shall have no voting rights.

Associate Membership

Organizations other than national veterinary associationes may be granted associate membership at General or Special meetings of the ISVA but shall have no voting rights.

Corporate Membership

Major international sponsors may be granted corporate membership for a specified period at General or Special meetings of the ISVA but shall have no voting rights.

New Memberships Encouraged

Whether your country does not yet have a country (national) membership, or you are only interested in an individual or associate membership, you are welcome join the ISVA.  To do so, please complete the membership form.